Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thoughts on the ND vs. Michigan Game!

Just got done watching the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game and I can't believe the Irish lost it :-(. There were a few miscues on the game that I want to talk about. I cannot believe that the touchdown in the first half was overturned. The video evidence was not inconclusive and therefore the call on the field should not have been overturned - I blame the refs! Second, the Irish should not have been throwing the ball when they had the lead in the forth quarter, you run the ball with the lead - I blame the coaching! Third, there were 3 seconds stolen from the game that need to be addressed. There was a reason that the refs ran from the field after the game was over - Again the refs are to blame! Now as I told some of my Michigan fan aquaintances that I don't mind losing, that is IF I LOSE FAIRLY, and I don't feel that that game was a fair game. Now with that said, bring on Michigan State and I now have to root for OSU, cause I hate USC!

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