Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tennessee Trip Day 1 – Ziplining

Well Melissa and I woke up on our first day of vacation and had some eggs, bacon, and a biscuit for breakfast. We took the dogs out for a little bit, watched some ESPN College Gameday and then we headed out to stop by Wal-Mart for some items prior to heading out for our day. On our way to Wal-Mart we saw a place that was advertising Ziplining.
Melissa & I have never done this before and Melissa said “That sounds like fun!” So we found a place that takes you up to the top of a mountain and you Zipline down. We signed up, finished our lunch, and headed on our way. Mental note: Krystals = White Castles. The Ziplining was a blast. We headed up with 2 guides who were cool and funny. Our group was great too! I was able to snap some pictures of Melissa using my Blackberry, check them out. I would suggest that anyone who has the option of doing it does it because we had a lot of fun.

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