Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ideal Body Weight, Milkshakes, & Benihana!!!

     Well, your probably wondering how the 3 things in the title go together.  They all have something to do with how my weekend went.  Starting on Friday, I had a doctors appointment.  Last time I was at the doctor (October of last year) I weighed 265 lbs. and this time I weighed 219.5 lbs.  I asked the doctor if this was an ideal weight for me, and after asking me if the number was right or if it was a typo she said yes based on your height and body build my weight was a healthy weight for me.  Working out has completely changed our (Melissa and I) lives, we have more energy, eat healthier food, and have fun working out.  We have been leading a healthy lifestyle and will continue to live this way.
     Having said all of the above things, everyone is entitled to slip up at least once or twice.  So let's talk about the rest of the weekend.  We had dinner Friday night and took April out to the dog park.  On the way, Melissa and I split a peanut butter shake, yummy!  April had a lot of fun at the dog park.  We let her play by herself (thanks to the German Shepard that came at her when we got there)  and she seemed to like playing fetch and running around by herself.  She loves the dog park!
     Saturday we got up early and went to register my car.  We also found out that Purdue opened up some tickets for the Notre Dame vs. Purdue game so we are going to the game with our cousin John, a Purdue graduate, and it will be fun!  Then we took April with us and headed to the Outlet Mall in Jefferson, Ohio.  The Outlet Mall there is pet friendly which means that some of the stores allow you to bring your dog in with you.  April got a ton of pets, compliments, and lots of love.  Being out by the Outlet Mall also put us near a Tim Horton's which means TIM BITS & ICE CAPP'S all around!  We then headed back to Cincy and Melissa turn to me in the car and said "Benihana for dinner?"  and I said SURE!
     Melissa signed up for their "Chef's Club" which gets you a free dinner entree during the month of your birthday which means that her meal was free!  Going to Benihana is always fun and it gives me the option to get some sushi.  I like to order the Spider Roll, a soft shell crab roll.  Melissa turned to me after I ordered the Spider Roll and said, "Can I have some?" and I looked at her and said sure.  She had tried a roll I had in the past and didn't like it but this time when my Spider Roll came she had some and liked it (and even asked for a second piece).  I was happy to share with her and it brought an end to a great day!

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