Sunday, August 2, 2009

Half Marathon Training

In July we took a hiatus from training. We've still be running and exercising the dog this past month but we needed some well deserved down time from consistently training for a race to allow our bodies to heal before we begin training for the half marathon at the end of October.

August brings the end of the break and starting tomorrow we are following Hal Higdon's 1/2 Marathon training program. I went ahead and created a weekly calendar we are hanging by the door so we can maintain our focus as we begin to build up towards our first distance race. It is going to be nice to get back into the swing of training and jumpstarting bigger amounts of weight loss again. We've both lost a little bit during our hiatus but not as much as we'd been losing before. We are officially down a combined 95 pounds! We are each looking to drop just a bit more but are very happy with our weight loss and increased fitness levels to date.

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