Monday, August 31, 2009

Construction, Construction, Wedding, Construction...

So this weekend my buddy Aaron and his Fiancee (now wife) got married in the great state of Michigan. So this is how our weekend went. Friday night we went and got haircuts since I was looking like Grizzly Adams and Melissa wanted to get her hair cut as well. Saturday morning we woke up 1/2 hour late to getting out of town. Dropped off the dogs to stay with my co-worker Lori for the weekend since the plan was to drive up to the wedding and drive back we didn't have anywhere for them to stay with us. We headed out of town and drop from Monroe where we stopped to get breakfast all the way till we hit the greater Detroit area, stopping for a bathroom break and a fill up. Now I didn't buy a Diet Pepsi at either stop since they were $2.00. Now we did have to stop since I picked up April back at Lori's house and she got dirt on my shirt. So according to the GPS we were going to be about 45 minutes early, which was perfect, enough time to find a good seat and say hi to everyone prior to the ceremony. We grabbed a shirt at Old Navy, stood in a line that was entirely too long for such a gorgeous day (GO OUTSIDE PEOPLE) and we were on our way. Our 45 minutes early had turned into only 10 minutes early, which turned into 15 minutes late when we hit, as the title gives it way, construction traffic on the 75. So now we are 15 minutes late and we make a detour and find another road that gets us to the Van Dyke which we are flying down until we hit, yet again, construction traffic. We are now 1/2 hour late per the GPS. We get to the church just in time to see the end of the homily and we did get to see the exchange of the vows (the most important part).

So we had set up meeting a friend of ours for a quick bite after the wedding but before the reception which was a couple hours away so we headed off to that. We headed for an Applebees 20 minutes away via the Van Dyke which on our way we hit, YET AGAIN, construction traffic. Forget that "Pure Michigan" advertising slogan I got it for you so listen up Michigan Department of Travel/Tourism/whatever: Michigan, Construction Traffic. I finally get to calm my nerves and order some food and 2 tall La Batt Blues since we are in Detroit they have it on draft, LOVE IT. We had a nice snack and conversation with our friend but now we are off to the reception.

The reception was nice. I got to see my buddies Aaron and Justin, Aaron's wife Christina, Aaron's family and we met a couple of new people, too! Now we got to the reception at 7 and had dinner and talked with everyone but now it is 11 and we still have a 5 hour drive ahead of us. We were given the option to stay in Michigan at Aaron's/Aaron's parent's house but we wanted to get back to the dogs cause we missed them and it was Penny's first weekend with us and we wanted to see how she was doing so we headed back. We decided that we would drive and spend the night in Toledo and then head out in the morning. Mental note to everyone, just because a Quality Inn and Comfort Suites are run by the same company and may be a parking lot apart from each other doesn't mean that you will get the same type of room $59 / night or any room for that matter.

The next morning we headed out and picked up the dogs who loved staying with Lori and are welcomed back anytime from what I understand and headed home. We unpacked the car and everyone were bumps on a log for the rest of the day, what an action packed weekend :-) and hey there was plenty of purchasing of Tim Bits and Ice Cappes! Congratulations Aaron and Christina!

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