Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cincinnati Premium Outlets

There is a new outlet mall in the Cincy area! It opened yesterday and Greg decided to take me out there today for a little birthday shopping! I'm still not sure if this was a great idea for opening weekend. I began to wonder when traffic began slowing 6 miles from the exit where it is located, but I thought there is no way this traffic is due to the outlet mall. Boy was I wrong! It took us nearly 40 minutes to drive those six miles. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Jimmy Buffett, Songs I Know by Heart. I sang every song making Greg crazy. This was the second time we heard the CD today. I'm not so sure Greg wants hear Jimmy Buffett again for awhile.
  • I decided I am going to move to Florida or somewhere in the Carribbean so I can become a Buffett head and go to Margaritaville frequently
  • You should never risk it with your gas, just ask the three people with broken down cars along the way.
  • I posted at least 5 messages on facebook
  • I realized there was a Tim Horton's at exit 29. That meant I would have an iced capp after sitting in the car forever, maybe even some TimBits. This combination is way better than birthday cake!
  • It's great to be able to budget a specific amount of money for clothing shopping and not feel bad about spending
  • People in Cincinnati must be crazy for outlet shopping! Do they not realize we are in the middle of a recession????

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