Sunday, July 6, 2014

They are growing up fast!

The girls have turned FOUR!  I can't believe how fast the time has gone by.  

We had a great time celebrating their birthday.  Their big present was new bikes!  We got them a little early since they needed them for the summer program at school.  They helped us pick them out.

We had a weekend long birthday celebration with them.  Over the weekend we took them to build a bear to create their annual bears, we had a birthday lunch & picked up birthday cupcakes at a local cupcake place.  They really enjoyed making their bears, this was the first year where they made the choices completely by themselves, we loved their colorful choices.  

They helped me make an awesome watermelon cake so they could celebrate with their friends with school. They had so much fun helping and their friends at school loved it.

On their birthday we took them to a local strawberry farm for some strawberry picking and they had a blast! It was a little rainy when we got to the farm but it cleared up pretty quickly and we were able to get 30 pounds of strawberries.  After strawberry picking we went out for a yummy pizza dinner (their choice).  We made a bunch of strawberry jam that night too.

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