Sunday, July 6, 2014

Running update

Running has been the catalyst that has gotten us through the stressful parts of 2014.  It is a natural stress reliever and releases positive endorphins.  That's not to say our running journey thus far hasn't been a challenge.  I've battled a myriad of injuries: shin splints, sprained ankle, Achilles heel pain & runner's knee. After a few trips to the doctor, a little PT and a lot of persistence I am 100% (I do wear a knee brace on runs but it keeps my knee in place and I run pain free) back in the game and running more than ever before. 

Greg and I have both been drawn to running off and on for the past five years but this is the first time I've broken through the wall and enjoyed it and craved a good run.  Greg has experienced this in the past and isn't quite there yet this time but it's great and barring a big injury I don't see taking a break anytime soon. Greg is getting there and has been trucking through with me because he sees how positive it's been for me.  

We just completed week one of our training for the two half marathons we plan to run in the fall and it went well.  It is a little bit of a struggle to get the runs in on weeks when Greg is working his second job and the true test will be this coming week.  I know I will be able to get my runs in after work as long as I get in early enough that I can run before I have to pick up the girlies from daycare but Greg might struggle on days he is working two jobs but we will shift and make it all work.  

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