Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Running update

As you know I went to the orthopedic surgeon on Friday to get my hip checked out.  He x-rayed my hip and thank goodness nothing is broken.  He took me through an exam. Asked how long we've been running? What kind of shoes I am wearing? He asked all of the questions I'd anticipated he'd ask and then told me I needed to cut back on my running until I healed.  He did say that I needed to do other cardio to keep up the cardiovascular part of my training, perhaps biking.  He doesn't feel like I have bursitis but that I've strained a muscle around my hip and that I need to rest it to allow it to heal.  He also referred me for physical therapy to work on building up my muscles.  

I was really disappointed and planned to still try and run or at least bike over the weekend.  When I went to the gym and sat down at the bike, I started having pain in my lower back. I decided I'd try to run and my back was just bothering me too much, so I ended up walking for an hour.  I didn't do anything on Sunday and just kind of moped around pretty sad about my situation.  

On Monday, I had my first appointment with the physical therapist.  I'd made it through the rest of the weekend without having any pain but my lower back or hip but that morning my back bothered me pretty significantly.  I took our training plan to the PT and asked if I'd be able to continue training and he said we'd see.  He walked me through a variety of stretches to determine where my pain was coming from and he determined that I have unspecified back pain (which is radiating to my hip) and walked me though a few exercises to help build the muscles in my back.  He also said I could continue running as long as I have no pain!!!!  I was super excited.  I've been doing my exercises along with running and have been pain free all day today.  Hopefully this continues as we continue our training plan. 

We had a one week buffer in our plan so we are repeating this past week and staying on track.  I feel like we are on track as long as we remain free of any further setbacks. 

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