Monday, January 2, 2012


The girls have really started chatting up a storm in the past 3-4 weeks.  Here are some things we hear them say:
  • NOOO (emphatically to the dog who is following them around for food)
  • Uh oh!  (every time something falls on the floor, whether it was on purpose or not)
  • Nayee (L saying Miss N's name when we ask who she is)
  • Melmo!  (Elmo!!)
  • Dog - They love April
  • Bull (when L is looking for her Mr. Bill)
  • Shoes
  • Bay-be (when playing with their new baby dolls)
  • Nana (looking for a banana - man these kids love their fruit)
  • Mama (milk, water, mommy, more)
  • Peese (please, they also sign please)
  • Bu-ffa-lo (whenever football is on!)
There is a lot of other random talking that we can't quite distinguish yet but with every passing day their speech gets more and more clear.  

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