Saturday, January 8, 2011


L and I have been sick off and on for a few weeks. When we were at the doctor for the girls' six month visit he said she had a cold gave us the standard instructions for treating it (humidifier, sleep, tylenol for any low grade fever). We both finally broke them early last week and by the weekend Leah seemed to have another cold with a nasty cough. On Tuesday, Greg took her to the doctor expecting him to say she had another virus and send them on their way. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky. He examined her and diagnosed her with RSV.

Most people probably do not know that RSV scares the crud out of me. One of my younger brothers had it twice when he was a baby and ended up in the hospital both times. I vividly remember sitting in the ER with his watching his O2 sats drop while we waited for him to get admitted the first time.

Greg knew this and called me when Dr. J left the room so he could get any questions I had before he left. When Dr. J returned he came bearing a nebulizer and a couple prescriptions. Greg asked if it was definetely RSV and Dr. J said he was 90% sure. He said he could run a test for sure to diagnose it but he was going to give her the same treatment either way. The nurse showed Greg how to use the nebulizer and Greg took L home so he could start her breathing treatments right away. He called me later and said she screamed the whole time. I knew we were in for a rough couple of days. I took the next day off and stayed home with her. She has been better the past couple of days but still sounds a bit wheezy unless she is getting breathing treatments. We are going to follow up with Dr. J on Monday if she doesn't show more improvement. We will keep you updated.

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