Sunday, January 23, 2011

Binky transition

When you become a parent there are things you do that you did not think you would do before you had kids. One of these things for me was to use binkies. I wasn't against them but just didn't foresee using them. However, when you are home alone with two crying infants you do what you need to do and for me that was give them binkies. I never forced the binkies upon them and if they popped back out after a few seconds I took that to mean they were hungry and went ahead and fed them. The use of the pacifier was one of the five "S's" from the Happiest Baby on the Block and I also read that pacifier lowers the risk of SIDS.

I'd hoped to wean them off the binkies by about six months but this didn't happen because they still used them for soothing at nap times. In the past couple weeks we've noticed that when we give them binkies at nap time they often end up playing with them more than sucking on them so we decided it is probably a good time to begin to transition them away. We now only use binkies at nap time, bed time & when we are going for a car ride (because this usually leads to a nap). When we give binkies now we also give the girls their "lovies." These are little blankets with stuffed animals attached so they get accustomed to the idea of having something else at nap & bed time. We are hoping to be rid of the binkies within the next couple of months, but at the latest a year per Dr. J. Wish us luck over the next month as we make the transition.

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