Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making baby food

When I was pregnant my Dad encouraged me to begin eating organic food. I thought he'd lost his mind, organic food is expensive. I did a little research and learned about a lot of the benefits of organic food. Greg and I recently watched Food Inc and we decided that we would go organic wherever we can. We've found that the best place to buy organic milk is at Costco; we also bought organic beef there recently. We have organic vegetables delivered weekly from Green Bean Delivery, the concept is just like the milkman. If veggies are not organic they are at the very least locally grown so we can support the farmers.

We've been using our Green Bean Delivery orders to make our own baby food. As everyone knows baby food is not cheap and never looks or smells particularly yummy. I did some research and found the Wholesome Baby Food website. I found that making baby food is really as simple as steaming various fruits and veggies and pureeing them. I figured that was easy enough and decided to give it a whirl. It is pretty easy and doesn't take me a lot of time. I bought some freezer trays that are similar to ice cube trays with lids and I make a couple fruits and veggies a week and freeze them. I still do buy some baby food from the store but not a lot and the girls definitely like the foods I make. I'm enjoying making the foods they eat and knowing where they come from.

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