Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pregnancy reflections

As I've been reflecting about this past year over the last few weeks I've come to realize that strangely I miss being pregnant. I dealt with a lot of aches, pains and discomforts with my pregnancy since there were two babies in there. However, I miss knowing that my girls are safe inside and protected from the outside world. I miss feeling them kick and watching Leah's head pop out of the right side of my belly as she stretched to get more room. I believe there is nothing more natural than feeling a life growing inside of you and they are right when they say all of the discomforts fade away after you've had your baby.

We are also asked whether we intend to have more children fairly frequently. If you'd asked me this in the springtime I would have told you HECK NO, not after this pregnancy!!! But, I've always wanted 4 kids and I actually think since I've had the girls that desire has been further solidified. Hopefully, Greg and I will be blessed in the next couple of years with 2 more children - just maybe not at the same time? :)

One thing I won't miss is feeling as huge as I did. I debated posting the last pregnancy picture week took when I was 36.5 weeks pregnant and decided against it for now. I still cannot get over how big I got. Maybe in a few months I will do a before and after. Would I change any of it? Not a chance, I have the two most wonderful precious gifts a Mom could ask for.

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