Saturday, October 16, 2010

Four Month Update

Both girls:
  • You've discovered each other! We sat you on the couch next to each other this week and you looked at each other intently for about 5 minutes.
  • You both love to talk and spend a lot of time jabbering at us about everything. You are also giggly girls and like to laugh at your Mom & Dad.
  • You had your first ear infections this month. It was no fun giving you medicine every morning and evening.
  • You made your first trip to the zoo and saw lots of animals. We bought a family pass so we will be spending lots of time at the zoo between now and next September.
  • You both grab toys and put them in your mouth.
  • Completed your second month of drinking just Mommy milk!! We haven't had to supplement in 2 months. Mommy has had a bit of a dip in supply but we are working through it and will rent the hospital pump again if we need to.
  • You continue to light up our world. We cannot imagine life without you!
  • You weighed 13 lb 11 oz at your 4 month visit and are 24.5 inches tall. You were close to the 50th percentile for each. You are in mostly 3-6 month clothes and still wear some of the bigger 0-3 stuff.
  • You are close to rolling over from your belly to your back. You can get about halfway there. It will happen soon.
  • You are amazingly good at tummy time. You can spend about 30 minutes on your belly before you get ticked off.
  • You hate getting in your car seat and you let us know it!
  • You came in at 11 lb 2 oz at the 4 month visit and are 23 inches tall. I continue to be amazed by how tiny you are but as long as Dr. J is not worried neither am I. You are still cruising along in the 0-3 month clothes.
  • You rolled over from your tummy to your back. Now I have to find another way to encourage tummy time since you can get out of it!
  • You still sleep best when swaddled and we will keep it up as long as we need too.
  • You are still a happy spitter. We are amazed at how much you spit up sometimes.

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