Monday, July 5, 2010

Last Week In The Macke House

My Dad Holding Leah
Last week my parents came to visit and to see the babies.  It was nice to see them and they brought presents from everyone that had heard about our newest additions to the family!  My mom came in and got to hold one of the girls while the other girl was still sleeping.  My dad was tapped to take April on much needed walks (since the girls have shown up we haven't done much of anything except take care of them so April needed some loving).  My parents were a big help as they gave us some human interaction other than our own and they also went to the store and picked us up some groceries since our shelves were getting bare.  My mom also brought some food that she had pre-made and got ready for us to just pop in the oven!

This weekend we have started to venture out of the house with the girls.  This was something that was needed to start returning our lives to a sense of normalcy and to keep Melissa's sanity (she hasn't really gone out since she has been at home on bed rest and since she had the babies were born close 9 weeks).  We went to Target and Costco.  We didn't have anyone have a major meltdown or start screaming their heads off, which was good!  We did get a lot of stops and stares since we were using the dual stroller and people were like "I just have to look!"  We also went out to Babies R' Us to pick up a few items.  We picked up a couple more of something that I think is the greatest thing to have as a new parent Summer Infant Swaddleme Cotton Knit, Pink.  These things are great to keep your babies nice and snug and they help get them to sleep!

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