Saturday, July 3, 2010

Evening routine

When you have twins there really is not much routine from day to day except feed, sleep, change diapers, swaddle & play a little.  However, one place that we've developed a routine over the past couple weeks is bath & bed time.  Our pediatrician sais we could give the girls a bath every night.  Initially we thought this was a crazy idea but after some thought we decided it might work because baths tend to wear the girls down a bit.  So every night we set up shop in their room and put one baby in the crib.  I draw up the bath and lay out jammies while Greg preps the first girl.  Then we bathe the first girl and Greg dresses and swaddles her while I get the tub ready for number two.  Then we repeat the process with number two.  While Greg dresses her I usually get the bottles ready for afterward.  Then we all come into the living room and I read a story while the girls drink their bottles and begin to doze off.  It's quickly become our special family time and we enjoy it every evening.  Hopefully it will be our family routine for the next couple years!

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