Sunday, February 21, 2010

Action packed weekend

Since I've been sick for the past two weeks we decided it was time to get something done this weekend and we have been busy. We started Friday night by heading up to the office at the apartment complex and picking up the garage door opener for our new garage. Then we headed out to the Wilder city building for the first of six weekly fish fries. We are hooked on the local church and community fish fries and the money goes to a good cause. From there we headed to the mall to pick up a maternity support belt for me. I've developed quite a bit of pelvic discomfort in the past week or so and I called the nurse at my doctor's office and she said there was not much I could do but to get a maternity belt and it may help support the extra weight. I'd been planning on getting one since someone at work who has two sets of twins highly recommended it, I just didn't think I would need it so soon. After that we went over to Babies R Us and picked up my Valentine's Day gift from Greg. He got me a scrapbook that already had the pages ready for me to document my pregnancy! He knew I wanted to put one together but I really don't have the time (or patience - the wedding one was enough for me!!) to do the pages, all I have to do with this one is add pictures. I love it!

Saturday morning we headed out early to pick up a baby swing I found on Craigslist for $50. Now we have two, I know this is a good purchase because I remember how much we used the swings when Nick & Alex were born. We had a nice breakfast at Bob Evans and then rushed home because Directv was coming out to fix our dish FINALLY. While the technician was fixing the dish Greg went ahead and moved all of the stuff we were putting into storage in the garage. I'm glad to not have to look at all of those boxes of Christmas stuff & baseball cards anymore. After he'd finished this we headed over to Babies R Us to create our registry. I let Greg scan the stuff because it keeps him interested. This always means some interesting stuff was scanned. We had a good time because I went with a very specific list and we whipped right through the store.

Today we started the day off with the first Sunday mass of Lent and the priest gave the EXACT same homily as he did last year. I know most people wouldn't remember this but I remember that it really made me think about what I gave up for Lent last year and how it impacts me spiritually. Afterwards, we had a nice lunch at Benihana to celebrate Valentine's Day. It was pretty cool because we were the only people at our table so it was nice and quiet.

When we got back from Benihana I got back on Craigslist and I found a glider rocker that was available for $60. I was so excited I e-mailed right away and it was still available. I was so psyched we went right out and picked it up. Greg promised me a glider rocker when we got married but told me I couldn't get one until we got pregnant. When I saw how much they actually cost new I was disappointed because I didn't want to pay so much money. I'd been trolling Craigslist for the right one for a couple weeks and it worked out perfectly.

Now, I need to go to bed because I need to rest up for a busy week at work. Our next doctor's appointment is a week from Tuesday and I can't wait!

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