Wednesday, February 3, 2010

18 week OB appt

From the ultrasound we learned the following:

Baby A weigned 9 oz (measured 18 wks 5 days) and Baby B weighed 11 oz (measured 19 wks). The ultrasound tech said as long as they are within a couple days of each other everything is good.

Baby A is breech, her feet are down by my pelvis. Baby B is not breech but her feet are up under my lungs. Their heads are next to each other. They clearly 2 separate placentas. Their heartrates were 152 & 156. We also got to see their spines, hearts and lots of other parts of the anatomy I didn't know they measured. It was pretty cool.

We also had an OB visit following the ultrasound. We met with my physician and also the high risk nurse. I'm officially part of the high risk clinic now and all of my visits will be on Tuesdays going forward. I asked lots of questions about my various ailments, the weight I've gained, etc. My uterus measured 24 cm (the same size as a singleton pregnancy at 24 weeks). Once again my doctor was quite patient and answered all of my questions. My next visit is at 22 weeks for another ultrasound (to check growth) and OB visit.

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