Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Car Troubles & MLB All-Star 5k Run Against Cancer!!!

Yesterday afternoon on my way home from work my car started to shutter and the S.E.S light came on so we did some research online and found that a Po303 error (thanks to AutoZone) was a cylinder 3 misfire. We also found out that 75% of the time replacing the spark plugs fixes the problem so I bought new plugs (trip number 2 to AutoZone) and returned home to put them into the car, however when I returned home I found I didn't have a long enough ratchet extension to get to the spark plugs to take them out. I returned to AutoZone (trip number 3) and was able to get them out of the engine finally but found that that was not my problem. I asked the knowledgeable clerk behind the counter where he would take it if it was his car and he mentioned a place in town called Cook's Auto Service. I called them and set up an appointment for an early morning drop off. I was told he would get to Dx'ing it later on today but might not get to fixing it till the end of the day or possibly tomorrow. I was anxious and figured I would call at 11 am to see if he had looked at it yet and he said, "Yep it's fixed!" Now I would hav1st MLB All-Star 5k Run Against Cancere been ready for a fight because he fixed it without getting approval for the repair but when he told me the number $150 I was ok with the speed repair, considering the amount it could have been. We picked it up this evening and everything is running smoothly. Now I am OK to go out of town this weekend to run in the 1st MLB All-Star 5k Run Against Cancer in St. Louis. I will post the results of the race after I complete it!

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