Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Thoughts While On The Road!!!

As I traveled across 3 states today and my way towards St. Louis for the MLB All Star Game 5k I started having random thoughts and ponder on them and I thought I would share them.
1. Shouldn't someone fine either the trucking company and/or the truck drivers for all the shreds of tires that litter our roadways?
2. There should be another qualifier for being labeled "International" for airports. A couple flights to canada shouldn't cut it for the Terra Haute Airport.
3. When you are a kid 70 miles on a car trip seems like an eternity. As and adult, anything under 300 doesn't seem that bad and on most major highways 70 miles is 1 hour of driving.
4. Why the hell are there so many dam weigh stations on the side of the road if the are not going to be used & even if the are used I only ever see one cop car the usually so if someone is transporting something illegally are you really going to shut down the weigh station and take off after him/her?
5. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT drive 10 miles under the speed limit in the left hand lane and then give me a dirty look as I and my fellow motorist fly by you. You are not doing some sort of public service, JUST MOVE!!!

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