Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thoughts on the Sunburst...

This past weekend Melissa & I ran the Sunburst 10k and I wanted to say a few things to go along with this events passing. First, I was really mad at myself for having walked 1/8th of a mile around mile marker 5. I thought I had failed since I couldn't run the whole race from start to finish, like Melissa did but I got to thinking and realized something. I realized that last year I could only barely run 1 mile before I had to stop and walk because I was so out of breath I couldn't breathe. When you look at my walk in that light, I would say that it doesn't seem so bad. Second, Melissa and I both blew our times from last year completely out of the water by improving on our overall pace times by approximately 2 whole minutes, which is quite an accomplishment. Third, and this sort of goes along with my first comment, Melissa and I ran this race "together."
What I mean by that is last year we needed each other to keep the other going in the race and not giving up. This year we decided that we didn't need to run together and that we could both run at our own pace and I believe the fact that we finished the race and that we were within a couple minutes of each other shows how much we have both grown as runners and as people/competitors as a whole.  Finally, if there is ever any doubt about whether or not either one of us can do anything, I think the picture to the right says it all, enjoy the other pictures from this weekend below.

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