Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 Days Till Florida!!!

Well, Melissa and I are off to Florida in a few days.  April is staying at a Vet tech's house since she picked up Kennel Cough from somewhere!  It should be a fun trip.  We are going to go to the beach and do a bunch of fun things with Melissa's brothers, Nick and Alex.  We have decided that we are not taking a laptop for either one of us and we won't be checking work emails either.  After these past 2 days at work I need this vacation.  Our website hosting company was hacked leaving our site vulnerable and causing issues to any end users that tried to access our site.  It has been a real headache seeing as how I haven't been able to do any real "work" for 2 whole days.

This weekend Melissa and I watched the US Open that we had tickets to but chose not to go to.  It's a good thing we didn't because with all the rain delays we likely would have missed a lot of golf.  I was introduced to the Jello Caramel Pudding snack this weeked.  We saw the Chocolate and Vanilla version on The Biggest Loser and the sugar free variety with some whipped cream on to makes for a 80 calories snack that is pretty good.  I'ld say try it some time, its good!  Well we will try and post some from Florida but we just might be having too much fun to be able to post.  Talk to you later.

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