Monday, June 29, 2009

10 Things We Learned On Our Florida Vacation

10. No matter how hard you hope and try it will inevitably rain at least once turn your summer trip to Florida.
9. Shell beaches are way more uncomfortable than sandy beaches.

8. It never fails someone will get into an argument if your trip involves teenagers.

7. You will get burnt even if you have sunscreen.

6. Churros are basically chew sticks of Cinnamon and sugar.
5. Always jump in the single riders line as it likely will be extremely shorter than the main lines.
4. Loss Of Use is a big con by rental companies to try and get you to purchase their insurance coverage (your personal insurance will cover it).
3. Security screening @ the airport @ 5 in the morning is a breeze & moving walkways in airports are not rides, move.
2. Saltwater + Blackberry = Corrosion + $50 for a new blackberry.
1. Witnessing and trying to help out after a 4 car accident that left a father & 2 kids losing their wife/mother can really put things in perspective.

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