Monday, March 23, 2009

Just a Case of the Mundays!

Well, with the passing of Sunday that means it is the start of another work week. This Monday was a very frustrating day at work. I am working on a new feature for our website and I was working on it all day cause I couldn't get the logic to work quite right. Let's just say I sent the page I was working on into an infinate loop, several times. It was not pretty. I hope to get it work tomorrow morning so that I can start working on our company's intranet site.
Tonight, Melissa made a very healthy Bar-B-Que Chicken Pizza and we got our running out of the way early. It was nice enough this evening that we sat out on our porch and enjoyed the nice evening weather. April seemed to enjoy it as well and I hope the weather stays this nice for a while. More to come!

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