Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Great Tuesday!

I had a great Tuesday this week. Today started off with Melissa suggesting that I take a class in digital photography which I am very interested in and going to do it. I found that my job will also (as long as they deem it a business need) reimburse me the tuition expense. I also was able to get the authentication working for my companies intranet, which by the way we were given the go ahead to start coding, wow! I also learned that I will be working on a site for one of our business partners that I will be able to share after it is completed.

As if that wasn't enough for the day Melissa and I went down and challenged ourselves to running 3 miles around the lake by our apartment complex which is .3 miles around. This means we had to run around the lake 10 times without walking/stopping. I am happy say that we both accomplished it. This means we did an impromptu Sunburst 5k run! I am so proud of my wife and myself for completing this task and Melissa even got some words of encouragement from people passing her by. Then we had a really healthy dinner including turkey burgers & shish ka bobs.

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