Saturday, April 5, 2014

Purge 2014 Update

We've gotten a little behind in posting our purge pictures.  We are still getting rid of at least an item a day but for awhile I ran out of room on my iPhone and the iPad so I wasn't taking any pictures.  I cleared the space up finally so I've started getting back into the picture taking habit in the past few days.  Regardless of picture taking, we've made lots of progress over the past month.  Greg took another carload of stuff to the Goodwill drop off station today.  That makes four good sized carloads, I'm not sure the govt will believe all the receipts next year.  

We have listed pretty much all of our cake pans on either eBay or if they don't seem worth the eBay attempt on Craigslist.  We narrowed down our cake pan collection to what I honestly think we have the best shot at using.  The rest are going because there is no point in having six boxes of cake pans sitting around waiting for a rainy day.  None of the boxes had been opened since last spring when we moved from the house we were renting to the apartment we stayed in over the summer.  
Tonight, I also started the process of going through the girls baby clothes.  I'm working on gathering the stuff we really like to get sent off to make a quilt for each girl.  I started tonight buy pulling out three bins within a half hour I'd pulled out enough to bring it down to one and put two more bags of clothes out for the goodwill or a used kids clothing store. 

So for now, we keep on trucking.  The progress feels slow at times but I continue to remind myself that we did not accumulate everything overnight.  Change is slow sometimes and as long as we keep moving forward, we will succeed in our journey towards less. 

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