Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cincinnati Heart Mini 2014

We did it!  We ran our first race of 2014.  Another goal met!  Our time wasn't that great but for us this race was all about getting there because we've had a busy taxing couple of months.  

Our overall time was 1:54:40 for a pace of 12:20/mile.  It wasn't really great but we ran the whole thing and with the chilly weather we really hadn't done any hill training and if you've ever been to Cincinnati you know it is called the city of seven hills for a reason.  

Next up for our race season: The Flying Pig 10k.  We will be running this as a part of our half marathon training program.  We are also excited to add that L & N will be running in the Kids Fun Run associated with the race.  They have become quite fascinated with our training and trips to the gym.  They ride in the running stroller when it is warm enough to run outside and when we go to the gym they ask how it went and tell us all about how they are going to start going to the gym when they are grown ups.  We bought them some athletic shoes this past weekend and they've shown them to everyone around and told everyone that they are going to run in a "kid race."  It is awesome to see them so excited about something we love! 

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