Tuesday, February 25, 2014

De-clutter Mission February Days 11-25

We've got quite a few balls in the air right now but we are still purging at least one item a day.  We've taken three car loads to the Goodwill already this year and will be taking many more I'm sure.  As we've taken this journey towards simplicity I've made other moves towards less as well.  I've stopped about 90% of the subscription emails I've been getting.  It's funny when you don't get ads for things you don't want you tend to want less.  I've worked hard at storing less on our counters.  Greg heard a radio show where they talked about how flat surfaces tend to be the biggest accumulators of "stuff," so we've been more cognizant of this as well. 

Alas, more proof that we are moving towards less:

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