Monday, June 17, 2013

House Closing

We closed on our house today!  The closing was pretty unexciting.  Since the sellers are in Florida we did not meet them but we met their agent and she gave us the key right away.  We were expecting some sort of fanfare similar to HGTV episodes.  Joy and the lawyer who performed the closing arrived a few minutes later.  We kicked off signing quite a few documents.  When it was all over we gave Joy a bottle of wine and a thank you note.  We are very grateful for all of her assistance through the past 2 months to get through this process.  We learned so much from her about the entire house buying process and would not have navigated it as well as we did without her.  Joy had a gift for us too!  She gave us a little renovation packet: hardhats, gloves, protective goggles and ear plugs.  

Afterwards we ran over to the house and looked around for the first time by ourselves.  Greg took the opportunity to pull back the carpet in the living room and we checked out the hardwoods and they look awesome!  We expected they would but it was great to actually see them. I meet with the contractors on Thursday to give them keys so they can begin work.   

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