Saturday, June 22, 2013

First Project - Painting a bathroom

Since most of the work on our house needs to be done by our contractor we don't have a lot we will be doing on our own.  However, one of our projects is the main bathroom in the house which will be also primarily the girls bathroom.  The previous owners had used an interesting paint technique to decorate the walls (probably a sponge or rag technique with a couple different colors).  We initially thought it was wallpaper but during one of the inspections we took a closer look and realized it was paint.  We were happy to figure this out because we were dreading wallpaper removal.  The tiles in the bathroom are blue and a creamy gray.  

On Thursday I set out to Lowe's with the idea that I wanted to find a cream color to paint the walls.  While I was there I moved in a different direction and selected 3 shades of very pale blue to test out.  We tested them out and settled on Harbor Light.  Today we went over and while Greg worked on putting our picnic table and the girl's playhouse together out back I painted away.  I even had a couple helpers.  The girls were pretty good at painting!  I was able to cover the previous paint with two coats of paint and I am pretty proud of the results.  

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