Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Binky Embargo

This past week I decided I was ready to completely pull the plug on binkies.  We've had a couple of bumps in the road in the past few months that caused us to wait until the time was right to pull the plug so to speak and last Saturday I decided we were ready.  At bath time I took them away for the last time.  That night it took the girls a bit to fall asleep but they actually both slept really well until about 3 am and then L woke up and would not go back to sleep at all.  This made for a long day for Mommy and Daddy.  N was pretty good and we were pretty surprised because we thought she would not take it as well.  Sunday night did not go as well.  Both girls were up for a good portion of the night which led to two very sleep deprived parents and a Mommy who had a mini meltdown at 5 am and cut the tips off of two binkies and handed them to kids so they knew they were around but found out that they were "broken"!  That day both girls napped really well at day care which was not a surprise considering how much sleep they'd gotten the night before.  Fortunately, for the day care we'd weaned the girls off binkies there months ago so they did not have to make the same transition we were making at home.  

Greg and I talked that day and decided that we were two days in there was no turning back because if we did we might have to endure a night like night two again and we were not sure we could handle it!  From there on it was a little bumpy, the next two nights we had a couple of criers at bedtime but the overnights were far easier than night two.  By Thursday, I was ready to declare victory! Both girls were going to sleep easily on their own and were not waking up looking for binkies.  L now sleeps with a Mr. Bill someone from work gave her (long story - maybe I will blog about it if I find the time) and N sleeps with her cow!  I would not take back the fact that we used binkies when they were young because they used them for soothing as infants and I'm glad our transition was not nearly as bad as we'd anticipated it would be.  

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