Monday, December 19, 2011

18 months, where has the time gone?!?!!

Well girls, Mommy and Daddy have had a hard time keeping up with the blog as you've gotten older!  While  being the parents of multiples has gotten far easier as a whole, you both definitely keep us busy and we really love every minute.  I think it is about time I record some of your progress since my last update. 

You are both full of energy at all times and growing quickly.  You 18 month visit with Dr. J is not until later this week, so we don't have exact measurements but L weighs around 23 pounds and N weighs around 19 pounds.  

Both girls:
  • You will eat about anything we give you if you are hungry.  Interestingly, neither of you are terribly interested in sweets.  You both love fruit & cheese though.  
  • You love the dog and will point at her and say dog when you see her.  You also love to give her treats which she willingly accepts.  If we ask you to give her a hug you both oblige which is super sweet if she stays sitting and lets you, sometimes she runs away :)
  • We gave up your binkies last month which led to good sleeping for everyone for a couple weeks.  L has slid backwards in the last week and we are working to figure out how to get back on track. 
  • You both have pretty long hair that Mommy is holding out on cutting for as long as we can. You let Mommy pull it back every morning so we will let it grow for a bit longer before we get that first hair cut.  
  • You LOVE to read. You both constantly bring us books from your room to read, then you turn around and back up and sit in our laps while we read the book of the hour. 
  • We have our good days and bad days dropping off at daycare every morning.  Sometimes you don't care when Mommy leaves and sometimes you cry.  I find it bittersweet either way but I know you have a lot of fun and are learning lots. 
  • You both have lots of teeth.  I will be honest, I am not sure how many at this point!  Mommy stopped  keeping count when they started popping up everywhere!
  • You both also love to color, if you find a pen, we are bound to find you at your little table with a piece of paper coloring away.  We've even let you color with markers a little!

  • You have a "friend who is a boy" at daycare.  Things were serious for awhile, you would hold hands and walk around the classroom.  However, today he tried to give you a hug while you were outside playing and you pushed him away.  This made Daddy's day.
  • You do not have a standard lovie of a blanket or a stuffed toy.  You love Mr. Bill.  Mommy brought him home from work one day to get some pictures with you guys and you took and instant liking to you.  It cracks us up when you walk around saying "Bill, Bill."
  • You love to help throw things in the garbage.  We haven't found anything that shouldn't be in there yet but I am sure that day is coming.  

  • Miss C from daycare shared this story about you:  About a month ago you were busy playing with a baby doll and putting her down for a nap when one of the other little boys in your class came and took your doll from you.  You followed him across the room and took your doll back.  Then you went over to where the toys were and picked up a school bus and took it over to him and gave it to him to play with and walked away with your doll, looking back to make sure he was playing with the bus.  I was very proud to read this story!!!  I am not sure if it is because you are a twin and we re-direct toys at home a lot or if you just figured it out on your own but either way, good job!
  • You love your stuffed cow still.  You sleep with him every night and transport him to daycare.  You giggle when you find him somewhere.  Who knew of all the toys you have that he would be your favorite? 
  • You are quite the little nurturer.  You love to play with babies and we find you patting them down for naps frequently.  

Overall, the last 18 months has been a crazy ride.  We've loved watching you grow and change so far and we know there is lots more fun to come!! 

Love always,
Mommy & Daddy

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