Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weight loss goal setting

In the 9 months before I was pregnant with the girls Greg and I worked hard and lost about 90 pounds combined. Greg managed to keep his weight off and since I needed to gain more for twins and had an insatiable appetite I obviously gained. Additionally, I struggled with my appetite while I was nursing, I was STARVING all the time. Over the past 6 weeks I've officially weaned.

Now that the weather has finally improved and we have gotten into a good rhythm as a family, it is time to start losing this baby weight and continue the journey we began before. I renewed my subscription to the BodyBugg and we went and were fitted for new running shoes today. My feet went up a size! We also headed out to one of our favorite places to run, Lunken Airport, and did the whole 5 mile loop and ran half of it.

I've decided I need to set some goals for weight loss to help keep my eye on the prize with all of the other things that are going on in our lives right now. I've decided I'm going to lose 47 pounds before the end of December. Greg has only gained 10 pounds back since the girls arrived so he is in pretty good shape and has a much smaller goal than I do.

Here are some before pics with the girls, sorry there was some schmutz on the camera lens.

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