Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Curvy Road, Traffic, & A Cabin!

Melissa and I recently won 2 free nights from Hearthside Cabin Rentals through a Facebook giveaway and we chose this weekend to use it. We traveled down last night and made our way to our cabin that we chose. We woke up this morning and headed to get breakfast/lunch at Chick-fil-a and then headed to the Smoky Mountains. I put on my jeans that morning since it felt cold and after we went to Chick-fil-a I changed into my cargo shorts. The reason I say this will become apparent soon. We headed into the Smoky Mountains and Melissa wanted to head to Clingmans Dome to do some hiking with the girls in carriers on our chests. Now Melissa had to hang out in the back of the CRV since the girls were being less than cooperative passengers. Melissa forgot to tell me that this place we were going to was 1) in the middle of the park and 2) the highest point in the park. Due to 1 Melissa started getting car sick half way up to the Dome. I could hear her in the back seat going: "Uhhhh, I'm gonna be sick." After close to an hour of driving, we arrived at our destination of the Domes.

We pulled into the parking lot and started to look around and noticed winter coats, jackets, pants, gloves, etc. We looked at each other and looked at the temperature gauge in the car which read 44 degrees! Needless to say, I changed back into my jeans and we had to head to the gift shop to buy some fleeces since we were obviously not aware we were going to visit Siberia. A few dollars later we were on the way up to the look out tower. We decided against the hike due to the temperature and the girls temperament. However the view from the look out tower did not disappoint. See the video for a view from the tower. We took some video and pictures and then headed back down the mountain. Once at the bottom of the mountain we encountered the one thing I hate the world's worse traffic jam. We took approximately 2 hours to go about 4 miles. We were able to find a way out of the jam towards the end and found a back route to the restaurant we found for dinner that evening.

While at dinner we had the joy of seeing L and N's new skills. I call it "Monkey See, Monkey Do!" L would pound on the table and then laugh and then N would look at her and do the same. I don't know if it was the lack of sleep or what but it was so hilarious that we could not stop laughing! Thus ended day 1 of our trip, more to come about day 2 soon.

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