Wednesday, May 26, 2010

34 1/2 week appt and next steps

Note: This has been updated below

Yesterday we had a whole bunch of appointments to check out the girls and myself. We started with a NST. Both girls were reactive. However, the nurse forgot which baby was A and which was B because A was sleeping so she buzzed B thinking she would wake her up and she buzzed the wrong baby! How did B get even but by rolling off the monitor of course! I only had one contraction during the NST which was good since I had three during last Fridays.

After the NST we had an ultrasound to check out their growth. They have each grown about a pound in 2 weeks, Baby A weighed in at approximately 5 pounds 3 ounces and Baby B weighed in at approximately 4 pounds 15 ounces. These weights are estimates based on the size of their heads, bellies and femurs so they can be off. Hopefully they continue to chunk up over the next couple weeks before our next ultrasound. Also, we got to see their hair!!! Both girls have lots of hair, it was really cool.

Finally, we saw the doctor and he came in and asked if I was happy to be back on this side of the Ohio River? I said of course it means I am home! He then measured my belly and it was 43 centimeters!!! I'm officially bigger than a regular full term pregnant woman, not a surprise since I have over 10 pounds of baby in me. He asked if we have lined up a plan for delivery and I said no but can we set one up? As you may or may not remember I will most likely have a c-section because Baby A is breech and she still hasn't turned, at this point she probably won't. I asked if it was possible to deliver the girls at 37 weeks (term) and he said we could schedule it for then if I had an amnio 2 days beforehand to check their lungs to make sure they are fully developed. I agreed to this and he said we'd go ahead and get everything set up. So as long as the girls have fully developed lungs we will deliver them on June 11th or sometime in the next 2 weeks if they decide to come out sooner!! We are getting very excited for their arrival!!!!

Update: The amnio date has been pushed back to the 11th and the c-section is now scheduled for the 14th.

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