Saturday, March 16, 2013

Florida Day 4

On our fourth day in Florida we went to Disney!!!  We went with my Dad and his girlfriend.  We managed to cram 3 different parks into one day!  

We  started the day at the Animal Kingdom.  They have a really nifty African Safari and animal jungle.  The girls & adults really enjoyed both.  Then we went to the Bug's Life show.  The girls did not enjoy it.  It's in the dark and both girls have a fear of bugs.  We found out the Winnie the Pooh characters were available for pictures so of course we took the girls to meet them.  L loved the stuff characters, N not so much!

After we met the characters we decided to head over to the Magic Kingdom with a mission to meet some princesses.  When we got to the Magic Kingdom we figured out where the princesses were and got Fast Passes so we could do other things while we waited.  We went on the Buzz Lightyear ride, watched some of the parade go by and afterwards the girls got to meet three of the princesses!  They met Rapunzel, Aurora & Cinderella.  They had the best time saying hi to them and getting pictures taken. N made sure to show each of the princesses her new Minnie Mouse toy, Minnie ended up in every picture! After the princesses we went to the Haunted Mansion and checked out the newest edition to the Magic Kingdom.  Greg and I then rode Space Mountain and remembered why we don't ride many roller coasters anymore!!!

When we were done with Space Mountain we were all hungry for dinner.  Nothing at the Magic Kingdom jumped out at us so we headed to Epcot and had a delicious dinner in Mexico while we watched the fireworks.  

I love Disney and was glad we were able to get the girls there one more time before the girls turn three and can still get in for free.  It will probably be a couple years before we can take them again. 


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