Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daycare Funnies

Everyday at daycare they fill out a sheet telling us about the girls' day, what they ate, when they napped & diaper changes.  There is also a section at the bottom of the sheet that says "Today I..." and it allows the teachers to tell us some of the things the girls did that day.  I always look forward to reading this part and thought I would share some of my favorites:

L -
  • Played in the ball pit and danced to Elvis
  • Pet a goat!!!  I was trying to get out of Miss K's arms so I could get it.  I was laughing and clapping I was so excited.  I didn't care much for the parrot (there was a petting zoo for the older kids and L was the only little one who was not napping!)
  • Colored with markers and climbed up on everything!
  • Played peek-a-boo with a blanket.  She thought she was the funniest girl ever!
  • Danced to our new Clifford music and almost climbed over the wall!!
  • Danced at the top of the climber and tried to "help" N down the slide
  • Took rides on the hippos then tried to push my friends on it, but I'm not strong enough!
  • Colored a pretty picture and went up & down the slide!  Walked several times today too!
  • Drooled into Miss C's mouth.  She said thanks!  (this cracked me up!)
  • Dumped a whole basket of book out then sat in the middle of them and "read"
  • Climbed over the wall twice before my teacher moved the little couch and wouldn't let me anymore. 
N -
  • Played in the garden and danced to Elvis (they seem to dance to Elvis a lot!)
  • Climbed up and down the bus and castle.  She's a big girl!
  • Climbed in the walker.  I thought I was hot stuff! 
  • Played in the garden with my horse & blankie and colored with markers!
  • Played peek-a-boo but I tried to call around with the blanket on my head.  D (a friend from their class) thought I was the funniest girl ever!!!
  • Walked all over the room pushing the hippo!  We danced and read books too!  I was a very good girl!
  • Made "lunch" lunch with our play food and played the piano.
  • Played with the colored boxes - I hid all the animals in them!
  • Played with the baby dolls.  I patted their backs and put them to sleep!
  • Played in the tunnel and got stuck on the climber 100 times!!  Also, carried my cow around all day (N has a stuffed cow that is her current bff)
I will post more of these as I collect and find them.  I've accumulated a big pile of sheets that are floating around here!

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