Friday, November 12, 2010

Five month update

To my girls:

You've really blossomed over the past month and have started to develop distinct little personalities. You are both rolling over in both directions and we cannot leave you next to each other and walk away for a second because we might come back and find you've rolled into each other. Every once in awhile we catch you looking at each other. We can tell you will one day be good friends.

You've each had three infections over the course of the past 6 weeks. It's been very stressful for Mommy & Daddy because it usually takes us a day or two to figure out where your fussiness comes from. Dr. J says he will refer you for tubes next month so we can head them off sooner.

You've discovered April but don't know quite what to do with her. When she runs by you follow her with your eyes to see where she is going. I foresee some tail & ear pulling in the near future.

You are both still enjoying the mommy milk although you are drinking way more than mom produces (which has gone back up to normal) so we are supplementing a few ounces a day. You both are definetely in the middle of a growth spurt!

L, you got your first tooth. I couldn't believe it when you pulled my finger into your mouth and there it was. You didn't even show any signs of teething. Hopefully more teeth show up this way and we can teeth drama free. You are our smiley happy go lucky girl. You spend a lot of time down on your belly looking around to see what is going on and giggling. You sleep on your belly now, we put you down on your back and within 30 seconds you roll over. You weigh 14 lb 11 oz.

N, you have grown to enjoy being on your tummy. You roll onto it a lot and you are constantly looking around. We love to watch you roll onto your side and kick out those legs for momentum and go! You are still in some 0-3 month clothes but we are beginning to transition to the 3-6 month stuff which is good because Mommy does not enjoy keeping the sizes separate. You weigh 12 lb 2 oz. Mom borrowed a baby scale from someone at work and now we weigh you all the time!

I love you!

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